Because the interest of Freewheelers members span many different makes and models, the autos our members own cross many different brands. From old to new, exotic to everyday, wagons to sedans, orphans to cars still on the road. Even campers and motorcycles. You'll find something for everyone here!  If you love it, we love it!

The Classics


A Gallery of Chrome and Bakelite that are the staple of the Freewheelers. Where you will never hear the words uttered, "It's too Big!"

Fins, Fun and Fabulosity. Too much is never enough! 

Browse the Fantastic Classics of the Freewheelers. 

The Youngtimers


True Petrol-heads span many generations, from the seasoned to the green.  Freewheelers' love all types of automobiles.  Here are some that are destined to be future classics.