Because the interest of Freewheelers members span many different makes and models, the autos our members own cross many different brands. For more than forty years, the Freewheelers have gathered to enjoy the timeless beauty of the autombile. From old to new, exotic to everyday, wagons to sedans, orphans to cars still on the road. Even campers and motorcycles. You'll find something for everyone here!  Here are galleries of some of the most popular makes within the club. Chances are if you love it, we love it too!


Packard - Cord - Duesenberg - Cadillac - Bugatti - Isotta Frascini - Hispano Suiza

Celebrate the grand automobiles of the prewar period. These coachbuilt vehicles were high-priced when new, built in limited quantities, and driven by movie stars and business magnates.


Chevrolet - Oakland - Pontiac - Oldsmobile - Buick - LaSalle - Cadillac

Throughout the last century General Motors has had many divisions, offering a car for every budget and level to aspire to. Here you'll see practically everything the General had to offer.



Ford - Mercury - Edsel - Lincoln - Continental

How could you not love a car company that gave us the '58 Continental in Autumn Rose? Or the '58 Edsel for that matter. Click here to see all that Henry and Edsel had to offer.


Chrysler - Plymouth - Dodge - DeSoto - Imperial

Whether you're into Hemi's, forward styling, swivel seats or fuselage design, Chrysler has something for you.


Nash - Hudson - Studebaker - Crosley - Kaiser - Frazer

Gone but not forgotten. These Auto companies may no longer be around, but they are still very much enjoyed. 


Jaguar - Aston Martin - Mercedes-Benz - Porsche - Ferrari - Fiat - Alfa Romeo

European collectibles range from daily drivers to ultra-fast luxury and exotic cars. Take a trip to Europe and enjoy the autobahn.


Toyota - Datsun - Nissan - Subaru - Honda - Mazda

Collectible cars from Japan are hot. Check out these interesting beauties.

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